I can see the whole world from up here….

This isn’t a manufactured picture, no photoshop or touch ups. This is what I wake up to every morning, no longer a view of a brick wall like i had at university but unadulterated incredible nature. It’s taken from McLeod Ganj looking down at the plains of India, which is my current home for the next few months.
Stay tuned for a full run down of my first few weeks in India and some of the bizarre and bonkers experiences I’ve been having.
Until then goodbye for now….

19 thoughts on “I can see the whole world from up here….

  1. gallowaygrave says:

    Hello there! Glad you there and a view to die for… superb photo, can I copy it for my desktop? And what is the large bird (enthusiastic ornithologyowhatsits is me), please; an eagle of some sort?

    Keep safe and enjoy!

  2. Jillsy says:

    Oh my ~ It must feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven! Galloway referred me and I’m glad he did. I look forward to hearing and viewing your adventures. Nice to meet you!

  3. Technobabe says:

    That is amazing. If you had not started out with the information that the photo was not photo shopped I would think for sure it was worked somehow. I showed it to my husband and he and I will be looking for more info and photos while you share your adventures while you are in India. I came here from Jillsy Girl blog.

  4. lisleman says:

    Jillsy sent me. I’m glad you shared this picture because it’s not at all like I imagine India to be like. Ok, I do know India is a very large an diverse country.

    Those look like mobile telecom towers on the ridges.

  5. Carolyn T says:

    Hi James – hello from Carolyn & Dave from Southern California. I’m keeping up with your blog now that we’re back home after our fun visit with you, your mum and grandmum. Sounds like you had some non-fun experiences getting to your destination. Sometime I’ll have to tell you about a bus ride I took from Manila to Olangapo back in 1975. Where I shared the bus with chickens, pigs and filled to the gills with people. Anyway, keep up the posting. I enjoy reading them, especially since I (we) have met you!

    • James Dunn says:

      Oh wow that sounds like an amazing journey Carolyn, nowadays we just get very bumpy journeys but no animals. I really enjoyed the blog about my house, the photographs were amazing too.

  6. Anja says:

    Hello James, nothing is just coincidence, coming home from work, regular woman suddenly I found myself on your blog. The foto above is something I would really also share in reality, mountains have this power of calmness and to get centered when standing on one of them and looking to the other peaks. What is the aim of your voyage? Sometimes one has to travel far away to find something inside, coming home it will not disappear, but we realize we could have found it everywhere. But perhaps we needed a special surrounding to get concentrated to that inside treasure. I just only wrote down my thoughts coming up thinking about your nice place you are just now. Perhaps it is not important for you, but thank you for sharing this wonderful photo on your blog with us. Have a great time! Anja ( I live nearby Munich, Germany)

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