6 thoughts on “Night Photography

  1. Richard Towers says:

    This is pretty good, I like the way you can see the rotation of the earth in the stars, they all appear like little forward slashes (‘/’). This sort of photo would be really incredible with some HDR wizardry.

  2. Natalie Kent says:

    This is way less sophisticated than Richard’s comment, but I love how you can see the stars and the outline of the mountains. And the little twinkling lights are so pretty. A great photo

  3. gallowaygrave says:

    I nearly missed this! Can you orientate me as to how this matches to the previous photo that adorns my PC desktop?

    I have a comment code for photos done by jillsygirl who has frequented here, JTDG… “just too damned good”; may I use it here as well?


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