A game to pass the time on a train

I had this flash of inspiration for a game to fill the long boring hours on train journeys whilst sat on a five-hour brain-numbing excursion at the weekend (I’m not going to call it a flash of genius because it is quite frankly bonkers). There aren’t a lot of things you can do on a train and once you’ve done the usual i.e. read the papers, stare out the window blankly and sneakily reading the person sitting next you texts, boredom ensues. Until I thought up this comedy challenge.

Firstly what you need is:
• To be wearing two layers of clothing and an extra pair to change into.
• Facial accessories e.g. glasses, hats, scarves etc
• A wig. Not necessary but increases the fun level exponentially.
• A fake beard. Ditto to the above.
• The ability to speak in a variety of different accents.
• A fat suit or some fake breasts, if you really want to push the boat out.
• And of course a valid train ticket.

Now the premise of the game is simple yet hilarious, when the ticket inspector stamps your ticket on the train for the first time, the game is afoot. Now using your arsenal of accessories and acting abilities you must trick the ticket inspector into thinking you are in fact a new person whose just got on the train, and asks for your ticket again. You could be an Irish man with a great big bushy beard or a hippie with long flowing locks, the possibilities are endless.

Its fun to play the game solo as you can get really weird without your friends and family ever knowing, however, having a partner in crime can really add another creative level to it. You could be a newly married couple all over one another, an argumentative couple shouting about not wanting a new cat or two strangers with one who has fallen asleep on the other forcing the other one to try and wake the other with comedic consequences. The possibilities are endless, so try it and let the good times roll.

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