What kind of Christmas celebrator are you?

It’s Christmas Eve and I felt like blogging so I thought I would give you a little Christmas treat of categories for all Christmas celebrators, if you feel one is missing comment and I’ll add it under your name. Have a great Christmas everyone and stay tuned for my 12 songs of 2010 on Boxing Day.

The I wish it could be Christmas everyday-er

You can tell these Christmas-ers from around early October, when they begin to put up the tinsel and playing the carols on full blast. Their Christmas intensity literally snowballs (pardon the winter pun) as the big day draws near, with Christmas paraphernalia littering their office desk and home. They are always the first and only person to volunteer to organise the office Christmas party. The go carolling at least 67 times and can recite most cracker jokes from heart, making these celebrators fun in microscopic doses but unbelievably murderable if you’re related to them.

The Christmas Planner

If you feel Christmas just isn’t Christmas without stringent planning and military style logistic then you definitely fall into this category. With the turkey pre-ordered as the previous years one is still warm and presents brought in the January sale. For them Christmas Day is really the quietest day for this species, all family members have a job from the one year old who is completely bemused by what is occurring to the Grandpa who is already completely drunk and thus also bemused by what’s occurring.

The Hibernator

A potential scrooge in the making, whose perfect idea for Christmas is to tell the family that they have the flu and spend the big day slumped on the sofa watching Top Gear re-runs and eating Pot Noodles and Dairy Milk.

The Escapee

Flip-flops rather than Christmas socks for these people, whose idea of Christmas is to spend it in the hottest place their Christmas bonus can afford. Even the idea of a white Christmas is enough to turn them white as they would much rather barbeque the turkey on a beach rather than roast it at home

The Child at Heart

Still has a chocolate advent calendar at the age of 43 and can’t sleep on Christmas Eve from the sheer excitement of the day ahead. They attend every Christmas lights turn on they possible can and always wears the full Father Christmas suit for the office party.

The Eggnog Nodder

Whenever they are offered alcohol of any form whether it be eggnog, beer or chocolate liqueur they nod violently and grab quickly, performing a Christmas miracle by making it disappear in an instant. When they are questioned or told off for having too much, they simple answer “It’s Christmas!” with a few syllables slurred. They continue to drink until New Years Day when the king of all hangovers kicks in and they vow never to drink again, until next Christmas.

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