I’ve had another baby… (of the blog variety)

My blogging life has doubled, I’ve had another blogging baby. I have been contemplating for many months -spurred on by my readers and friends- about creating a website showcasing my photography with the aim to selling them. And so a few days ago Coffee and Countries Photography (I know very original) was born, since then I’ve been adding more and more photographs and there are barrels more to come. I will of course continue to post photography on here along with my random ramblings (coming up soon, ‘The Bucket List”) but the new website will feature more photography and have the capacity for you to purchase photographs from both websites.

The photographs will be mounted, signed and described and of course delivered and I have started a few and they look great and also postcards! If you want to order any just email me at coffeeandcountries@hotmail.com and use the reference number in the information blurb on each page. I can do any size of photograph so don’t hold back.

Photography is my greatest passion, my greatest love, whether in boiling sun or freezing rain, seeing that I have captured a moment of beauty such as this earth puts on daily makes my soul sing. I love sharing that moment too, partly the reason I began this blog in the first place, hearing people say that a photograph embodies a feeling or represents a memory is such a delight. It is hard for me to put into words if I’m truly honest the love photography and I share, its both a public love through this and the other blog. It is also very private as many of my photographs hold powerful memories and some nights I put my photographs on shuffle and let my mind drift into the worlds each photograph holds.

So please I do implore you to go and visit, subscribe (button is at the bottom of the homepage) and follow my new website (twitter: @coffeecountries) and of course if the mood takes you purchase one, two or eighty.

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