My 10,000th hit (re-posting!)

This is a reposting to mark me reaching my 30,000th hit. The sentiments still ring true, perhaps with my photography to boot now, so for those who haven’t read this before give it a butchers and see what motivates me to write!

Not the drug kind of hit, that would be dangerous. No my 10,000 blog hit, it happened sometime during the night like Father Christmas coming or foxes eating your boots (it happens). I have amazingly reached the grand old age of 10,000 and in all honestly I cannot believe it. I didn’t for one moment 6 weeks ago when I first started blogging away that anyone would read my random ramblings, let along in the colossal numbers that it has, it’s really extraordinary. All my life I never thought of myself as a writer, at school teachers were always telling me how bad I was at any sort of writing. So to reach five figures today is a big two fingers up at my demoralising teachers.

So why did I start to write?
In all honesty because of a two tiered unenthralling motivation. Firstly, boredom, that’s right not inspiration coming to me in a dream or God willing it, pure unadulterated boredom. It was my way of filling the nights when I couldn’t sleep or to escape from my solitude living. The second is my constant driving force through life; to make people smile. Anyone who knows me will readily admit that making people laugh is what motivates me. I’ve tried many other methods to make people chuckle: drama (too scripted), improv theatre (too unscripted), music (if you’ve heard me sing you’ll know why that failed) and finally I ascertained that putting pen to paper (or finger to key) created the perfect outlet. It allows me to witter away the hours by wittering away.

10,000 is a huge milestone and I hope to high heaven that I can add another 0 onto that number in the distant future but for now I am more than happy making people all around the world laugh virtually. That feeling is by far the best feeling in the world, even better than watching a slinky race down some stairs. So keep reading my scribbles on life as there are barrels more of it rattling around in my head.

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