My 2011 – 12 months, 12 songs

It seems to have become my yearly ritual now to create a playlist for my year. This last year has been a roller coaster, 2010 rolled into 2011 and India rolled into London. So these songs are representative of a some sort of transition.

So here we go…


John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change

I wrote a blog about this song a couple of weeks ago and I don’t think it will ever stop ringing true to me. Read it here

Ed Sheeran – The City

A song about London, which really encapsulates how I felt about the city when I arrived to it. “The city never sleeps, I hear the people walk by when it’s late, sirens beat through my window sill, I can’t close my eyes”

Simon and Garfunkel – Homeward Bound

Its not exactly their song that has got on this list but a cover. I was in Paddington underground station headphones on and my mind placed firmly inside my own little world. It was then over whatever I was listening that I heard this woman’s voice. She was busking at one of the sites on the London Underground. I must admit her voice stopped me dead. I was on my way home for Christmas so the song held even more potency but it will be a moment I will never forget.

Leddra Chapman – Heartbeats (live)

Yes she may have been on this list last year but god damn it this woman can sing. This year she released a new EP which included her live cover of heartbeats by Nneka. Its a unique cover and annoyingly I’ve missed going to see her twice this year, once through illness the other by work so this song is the closest I’ve got to her live.

Bon Iver – Holocene

Listen to it. All I have to say on the matter. I see the sunrise over the Himalayas, what will you see?

Lee Evans – Suicide Song

Hardly ground breaking music but the memories behind it are what has made it onto this list. I remember being about 17 and my best friend and I listening to this song over and over again and laughing so hard that breath became a humours struggle over the laughter.  Now that friend is off in Afghanistan fighting for queen and country. So although him not being in this country and me spending this six long months worrying about him I put this song on and turn 17 again and he’s there.

The Smiths – Please, please, please let me get what I want

Not because of the John Lewis advert before you start hurling abuse at me. The Smiths have become the bulk of my escape the noise of London playlist. Its grown and grown since I started working in London in March and this song encapsulates why its slow, calm and incredible. Escapism with guitar accompaniment.

Kayne West et al – All of the Lights

A cracking song to keep me walking to London pace.

Ed Sheeran  – You need me, I don’t need you

Another of Ed’s songs. After being a massive fan of his music for ages he finally made it big this year, well done and well deserved. I still remember hearing this song for the first time on SB.TV in early 2010 and was blown away.

Adele – Someone like you

Not because I’ve had emotional turmoil simply because its an incredible peace of music. Powerful would be putting it lightly.

Jessie J – Who you are

Again same reason as above to be honest. This songs lyrics are repeated by my inner monologue on a numerous occasions specifically, “its okay not to be okay”

One Republic – Good Life

This song was in my 2010 playlist for this reason “This is the song I would always play as I walked up the road from my hotel to the main square in Dharamsala. When the sun was pouring through the mountains and everyone waving at you as they past and this song playing I always had a spring in my step.” Thats exactly the reason its back here again because I can put it on and imagine those perfect moments.

11 thoughts on “My 2011 – 12 months, 12 songs

  1. Lauren Farso says:

    wow brilliant selection, it makes me feel like I’ve been a part of your life listening to these songs, shame you didn’t record the busker singing for the full effect

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