Sunlight on the Snowy Path

Snow has once again come to Britain and as the deluge of snow related photographs falls heavily upon the internet I thought I’d add mine to it. Snow has the innate power to transform the mundane to the marvellous whether it be a grimy cityscape or this usually muddy path.

24 thoughts on “Sunlight on the Snowy Path

  1. Chillbrook says:

    I was really hoping we’d get a bit of snow down here in Cornwall so I could head out with the camera but we didn’t. Didn’t miss the disruption though. A lovely image!

  2. ramaink says:

    And don’t forget ethereal. Even the sounds seem to come from afar. Dull and muted. It always makes me feel as if I were the only soul on the entire planet.
    Beautiful photograph! LOVE the golden aura around the branches. I can almost sense the hushed quietness and the soft crunching of the snow under your feet.

      • Squiddo says:

        good, it doesnt hurt and so often so many forget or lose reason to, i remember the feeling and its made me like this, im that random person in the line at the till who tells you you suit your hair cut or have a nice scarf but nothing can give you confidence like a kind comment from someone who could just as easily judge you

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