Love etched upon nature

Happy Valentines Day to you all. Here is my snowy present to you: messages of love etched upon nature.

Some of these couples may have been long since died or fallen out of love and yet there is something about it being carved upon this solitary tree in a crowded wood that seems eternal.

It remains long after the love is lost.

21 thoughts on “Love etched upon nature

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  2. ramaink says:

    Do you think the tree was a willing participant in these declarations of love? Did the tree smile upon the lovers and say, “Here, write upon me your promise of love and I in turn, promise to guard it, to uphold it for time eternal.”

  3. ramaink says:

    Yes, the tree less so. The human race excels in self assertion and it does not matter who or what gets trampled in the process. Even as I type this, I know I am being unfair because there IS kinder face to our race as well. And I digress….

  4. Arnab Das says:

    you really are a talented photographer. i know little about photography but i do know enough to appreciate the brilliance of this composition.

    Life’s gotten a bit busier at my end, so keeping up with the online world is becoming more difficult. I still remain a big a fan of your blog posts and photographs.

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