My Mind Actually in the Clouds

For my more regular readers you will understand the title of this entry. For those who are new to my random ramblings then see the freshly pressed prequel here.

Although it wasn’t heading to India a bit of travel is always good for the soul.

(p.s. those are clouds not hills as a lot of my readers have been saying!)

38 thoughts on “My Mind Actually in the Clouds

  1. Hindupur Avinash says:

    I have always had this dream of flying through the clouds! After reading the prequel.. and you saying that your mind is actually in clouds.. my mind hopes that you are visiting India now!?!! Wouldnt it be great!

    • James Dunn says:

      Sadly not yet! I hope to come out as soon as I can but work and finances are limiting my travel! I was only going to Ireland, a short hop across the water!

  2. ramaink says:

    A cloudy horizon. Beautiful!! Dont you just want to scoop them up and hold their pillowy softness against your cheek? Every time I fly, I want to do just that. πŸ˜€
    And talking about flying, we are heading to India this summer!! Woohoo!!! The rickshaws, the masala chai, the intense milieu, meeting old friends, family, the monsoons, the verdant fields, woven jasmine in my hair, russet henna on my hands and my mom’s cooking. Just counting the days. *sigh*

      • ramaink says:

        Thank you! We will be heading there sometime in June. We will be visiting Mumbai, Pune, Belgaum, Goa or perhaps Kerala. We shall see.
        Talking about getting your life together, you seem to be well on your way with your first exhibition. πŸ™‚

      • James Dunn says:

        Wow very jealous, I hardly have ever been down south in India. Very excited for it but it still seems like I imagined it even though its 9 days away!

  3. "Squiddo" Mansfield says:

    have you ever been to the Giant’s Causeway? Im sure your shots would bring alive the scene and the waves make for amazing captures and would work on your budget. Btw sorry about pretty much spamming like all over your blog πŸ˜›

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