Looking Up #1 – BT Tower

For eons I’ve been trying to decide if I would do a monthly feature. More importantly what I would do for a monthly feature. I’ve been tumbling between so many themes (graffiti, people, countries, the list goes on and on) but everything seemed horribly cliche.

This continued until someone perusing my portfolio noted that a lot of my photographs are of me looking up at monuments and buildings, attempting to make something that is photographed by everyone with a phone into something a bit unique, and wham ‘Looking Up Monthly’ was born!

Numero uno is the most recent one I took, the BT Tower in London. For those of you who don’t live in the UK it may seem to be nothing but a glorified telephone mast but when it was built in the 1960s it was the tallest building in London and even now its still holds its own in the city landscape shooting up around it.

To many it is an eye sore, but to me it is quite simply an icon in its own right.

20 thoughts on “Looking Up #1 – BT Tower

  1. Lava Lamp says:

    I am soooooo excited for next month already hehehehehehe
    I love your stuff James and I look forward to when your posts arrive in my inbox. Wonderful and I bet you’re a nice guy too hehehehehe
    Someone who is funny, can cook, arty, clever and thoughtful swoon!!!!!!!!! xxx

  2. Jack Holloway says:

    I used to work there and I think thats the best photograph I’ve seen of the place, sums it up for me. looming and awe inspiring! I’ve sent this to my colleagues to I’m sure they will like it

  3. Yousei Hime says:

    Congratulations on your feature theme. I like it, especially since I spend little time looking at architecture. I’m not sure why this tower is considered an eyesore. It is quite unique, and from the perspective in your photo, it has an oriential flavor to it. I like that, predictably. 😉 Looking forward to the next.

    • James Dunn says:

      Thanks it too me a long time to decided it so really appreciate it. I know exactly, I think its rather beautiful and I have always thought that too that it has a n oriental quality to it.

  4. munchow says:

    I like the shot a lot. The picture has an ambience of failing power about it. The colours are great. I look forward to seeing more of your monthly photos.

  5. Escorts In Las Vegas says:

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  6. ramaink says:

    I dont quite know how you’ve achieved it, but, there’s an element of warmth in this photograph, in the nature of the building. You know, how generally buildings can be cold and unapproachable from the outside? But not this one. Not in this photograph. You’ve worked your magic on it. 🙂
    Looking forward to looking up!

    • James Dunn says:

      worked my magic, i like that a lot! It’s funny you say that as you aren’t the first person to either, it was a cold day so I’m surprised any warmth came out hehe

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