My First Exhibition

After a few lengthy months with sparse entries the title finally tells you what I’ve been up to.

Yes its finally happened, I’m having my own exhibition, and while its been an ambition of mine and in fact on my bucket list I never thought it would actually come about.

I will of course be posting updates as the days and weeks progress but this blog is an invitation to you all.

So save the date: 24th – 27th of May. If you’re in the UK please come down to The Burford Gallery in the Cotswolds. I would love to show off what I’ve been snapping for the past few years. For the full information about the event follow this link.

The photographs will be mainly of the Cotswolds and from around the UK although I will be slipping in some shots from the rest of my travels.

So please come along, the Cotswolds are worth a visit regardless and I’ll be incredibly pleased to meet you out of the virtual world.


Here is the first batch of photographs getting mounted and ready for the exhibition.

27 thoughts on “My First Exhibition

  1. Jack Holloway says:

    Incredible news as I have my week off then so I may well pop down, very exciting to mix the virtual and the actual world.

  2. Katie Dolla says:

    Wowow well done James this is amazing news, I’ve followed you since 2010 and this feels like a little victory for me too as I have always loved your work. Congrats, although I won’t be able to make it as I live a bit far away…..New Zealand!

      • ramaink says:

        Yeah, really far. 😦
        But someday when I do visit England (yesssss!!!) with my family, we will definitely come see your photographs! There are a few I absolutely want to see in person. Fingers crossed!

      • ramaink says:

        We live in the good old U. S. of A. 🙂
        It has been my dream, for the longest time, to visit England. I want to see the England of literature. Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, James Herriot, Oscar Wilde, Charlotte Bronte….. I want to stay somewhere in a quaint little cottage in the countryside with meadows spotted with crumbling walls and a wild, riotous garden and have tea and crumpets under an Alder tree and go on rambling walks through rain or sunshine.
        Then of course there are the churches and the castles and the incredible history and the accent, which I could listen to all day…
        I want to experience all of that and much much more. 🙂

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  5. "Squiddo" Mansfield says:

    these look great, ive always been into photography and have always wanted to get a proper camera. i love these shots, wish i could come to the showing of them 😦 but congrats and good luck 🙂

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