Exhibition Update: T-Minus 4 days…

The beginning is in sight.

Yesterday I collected the framed photographs and have spent today applying my ‘bespoke’ labels and information labels on the back of the frames. What has amazed me most about this whole thing is just how many processes it has taken to take a thought “oo that would make a good shot” to something hanging on the wall of a gallery. I would list them but needless to say there are a LOT.

The exhibition starts on Thursday so on Wednesday I will be spending most of the day trying every combination to get the perfect look for you all to enjoy. I will of course give you all a sneak peak on Wednesday of what it is going to look like plus revealing the winner of my little competition (which you can still enter here).

Until then here is a few photographs of what I’ve been doing today!

Whats on the back

and whats on the front (excuse my iPhone reflection!) 

Wrapped and ready to go!

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