For the Jubilee: Lighting the Beacon

I realise that some of you outside of the UK might be looking at our tiny island with confusion.

This weekend we have been celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen. We’ve had river pageants, music concerts, church services, street parties and of course bunting galore.

Last night also saw the lighting of more than 4,200 beacons dotted across the globe. The network of beacons that criss-crossed the UK were placed on historic landmarks, hill-top vantage points and famous mountains.

In history they were used for signalling over land that enemy troops were approaching. Last night, on the other hand, they were used as 20 foot fiery celebrations.

From our flaming vantage point we could see 2 or 3 other beacons (it was debatable if one was a beacon or a really strong street light) of the plethora connecting our brilliant country in unison.

When the British do something, we do it well. 

20 thoughts on “For the Jubilee: Lighting the Beacon

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I’ll be in London on the 17th. Maybe I can buy a Jubilee souvenir. My dad was there in London when Princess Diana got married. He brought home a commemoration cup of the wedding.

  2. thisislemonade says:

    I hope someone had the good sense to bring some marshmallows.. that’s one seriously good bonfire 🙂 And there was no rain!
    Thanks for passing by and liking my post. I love your photography!

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