I hate to ask but…

Right my lovely fellow bloggers and readers alike I have a favour to ask.

In a moment of madness, that this year seems to be populated by, I have decided to become a very VERY late entry to the British London 10K run that is in… A WEEK!

The cause is one that has dominated most of my adult life, Tibetans living in exile. The charity I am running for is The Tibetan Relief Fund and they do incredible work for Tibetans living in Tibet but also India and Nepal. They do this by funding initiatives in education, healthcare, self sustainable community building and youth development. To read more on this fantastic charity click here.

So my favour is simple, support this charity and me. I’m not asking for millions only what you feel you can spare during this tough time. If you donate over £6 then you can choose any (I mean any) song that I have to listen to on the 10km track (route here). I will post a photograph of me with my medal and if you donate I will give you a plug in that post. If that doesn’t convince you watch the video voiced by His Holiness.

To donate just click here

It would mean a lot. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “I hate to ask but…

  1. Noeline Smith says:

    It seems that your click here to donate link isn’t working. Maybe it’s just me ……..
    Also, please forgive the ‘proof reading’ but it needs to be ’cause’ not ‘course’. At the moment I don’t think it says what you intend 🙂 Sorry for being picky …..

  2. dieta says:

    Tibet Charity runs a social program aimed to improve the standard of living of Tibetans living in India. Mid- to long-term volunteers are needed for English and computer teaching. The organisation also runs a vet clinic in McLeodGanj for treatment of stray dogs.

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