People of the Seine – Part Five

Listening intently or bored out of her mind…?

Comments below please.

Marian g: “maybe they’re praying and she’s listening to his intentions (see their hands? haha!)”

23 thoughts on “People of the Seine – Part Five

  1. ckponderings says:

    Listening intently, I think… I’m guessing they’re politics majors, with opposing views, and while he’s boring her with his ideals, she’s working out what her best plan of attack is…

    (I am loving this FAR too much! 🙂 )

  2. Hollie :) says:

    Two buds, that have run out of conversation and while she stares at the ground daydreaming he is admiring her and wishing he knew what he could say to show how he feels… :d
    Or hes just said he doesnt like her shoes and shes mad, so shes staring at his like… excuse me?! have you seen what you’re wearing on yuor footssness…

  3. marian g says:

    She’s listening intently. Maybe they’re talking about something serious or maybe they’re talking about what the meaning of their lives are. hahaha! I think the guy’s people watching as well. :)))

  4. renxkyoko says:

    He just told her why they couldn’t be together anymore, she’s listening intently, and thinking how to respond to that…. but actually, she already knew what he was going to tell her, so her face didn’t look surprised, just sad.

  5. renxkyoko says:

    She says ” For a long time, I’ve noticed that you’re not as warm as you used to, but I don’t want to confront the issue… I’ve been in denial , I know. I thought maybe this would pass, and this was just all on my mind, but I guess not. This has become a one-sided relationship far too long, and I realize now this can’t go on. In a way, this is for my own good too. Loving you is very tiring. Well, this is it. Goodbye. I wish you well. ” Then she gets up and leaves.

    Actually, as she walks away, she’s thinking ” DIE, YOU B*STA*D ! ! !

  6. marian g says:

    Reblogged this on @ life and commented:
    Winning this made me smile. 🙂 I didn’t even know James will choose a comment for the photo. I just said what I had in mind.

    This is really cool. Looking at the pictures he took. Makes me feel like people-watching in another country. 🙂

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