Art on the Streets of Paris #1

Whose to say what art is? If it doesn’t hang in the Louvre or have tour groups clicking at it, then is it not art?

Away from the queues, the hoards of people and entry fees there lies the beauty of the street. Free beauty, true art.

Graffiti, it divides people, cities and societies, with its often political and cultural anarchism. An army of thousands, graffiti artists constantly re-design the urban landscape.

This week I’ll be showing you a handful of the art created under the cover of darkness and against the law, all over Paris.

14 thoughts on “Art on the Streets of Paris #1

  1. silver price says:

    to the angry readers: graffiti is how i started my graphic design career. i was arrested 2 times, and was never charged. to tell you the truth, all of the friends i used to write graff with in high school (and later) have good jobs or gigs now. most are entrepreneurs… a lot of friends that were into more traditional forms of art/music when we were younger have joe jobs with no creativity involved… i guess they got burnt out on creativity through conformity. i would like to understand how someone can think that any of these examples are ugly, or even more so, how the building or wall under any form of vandalism is in any way more beautiful than the earth that was once there. we’ve all vandalized the earth in one way or another just by contributing to our society… smell your shit, it probably smells worse than you think.

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