Art on the Streets of Paris #7

So my graffiti week has come to a close. I’ve given you all a glimpse into the beautiful and illegal art form. Now I want to hear or see your favourite pieces of graffiti, from a slogan scribbled on a bathroom door to billboard sized extravaganzas.

For my next few posts I will be going back to my roots, writing.

While my love is of course photography, my other love has always been writing and over the past year it has become a footnote in my life. Writing gave me jobs, gave me a purpose and most of all gave me a freedom incomparable to anything else. I recently surpassed 150 posts and for the next few weeks I’ll be heading back to how I and my blog began.

5 thoughts on “Art on the Streets of Paris #7

  1. Luke Fallow says:

    I loved this one the most, simple art. Thank you so so much James for sharing all this stuff. I am new to your blog so I am looking forward to seeing what your roots are like hehehehehehehehehe

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