My 2012 – 12 months, 12 songs

2013It’s here!

My yearly ritual of posting twelve songs that have either defined or been the soundtrack to moments that have made my year has come around again. I have put some up with links to blog posts that are the reason they are up there so have a click on those underlined.

Thank you all for being such smashing readers, heres to another year of this!

Without further a do, here goes….


1. Amy Wadge – Paris

Had this in my head the whole time I was in Paris. Now it reminds me of my brief but brilliant trip to that wonderful city.

2. James Blake – Case of You

A Joni Mitchell cover that out of all of these songs I urge you to listen to as its quite simply beautiful. Reminds me of reading my book on Hampstead Heath in the bitter cold.

3. Florence and the Machine – No light, No light

It still hurts to think about that run!

4. Yungchen Lhamo – Ranzen

Listening to Tibetan music makes sure I never forget where my heart truly lies, back in India.

5. Missy Higgins – Whole of her new album

This was very much the soundtrack to choosing and preparing photographs for my first exhibition.

6. Elbow – First Steps

The official song for the BBC coverage of our Olympics.

7. Karima Francis – Wherever I go

A stunningly warm and emotive voice, saw her live at a music festival this summer. Well worth a listen!

8. Matt Corby – Brother

9. Ruth Notman – Roaming

Reminds me of the stupid amounts of train journeys I have taken this year!

10. Frank Sinatra – The Coffee Song

Possibly the most cheerful song in the world! Never has failed to caffeinate my spirits.

11. Ellie Goulding – Figure 8

A song that has kept me warm on many a long photography walk.

12. Landon Pigg – Falling in love at a Coffee Shop

A song that has been on a constant loop on many occasions. I love it not only because it has coffee in the title but how it reminds me how lucky I am.




13 thoughts on “My 2012 – 12 months, 12 songs

  1. Katie Dolla says:

    What an amazing collection of music, the ones I did know I love. I’m listening to the ones I hadn’t heard of now and I love them too! Thank you James and congrats on what looks like an ace year

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