12 thoughts on “Blog in the Blizzard

  1. jimmorrisondreamdiaries says:

    Ohhhh… I have always wished to captur MIST or BLIZZARD scenes and this is wonderful. The huge bird stand out. I always feed the birds and make sure Smokey my only cat left is NEVER out when I feed them and under supervision when he does get out to the neighbour’s tree and my tree as he getting old…Wonders of our amazing bird colours all seen against this hazy background. Top Prize Photo this one!

    • James Dunn says:

      It was not easy to get actually, the snow really distorts the photo quality! I am the same with my dogs, firmly locked away while the creatures are about hehe. Thank you so much for you comments

      • jimmorrisondreamdiaries says:

        You are welcome. I hate snow and hate the hate word too. It’s nearly killed me twice on roads but it can look nice in photos though. Must be my age…No reply necessary as just getting around these comments I have not seen till today. The little box at the top of my page has invisible drop down menus and I keep forgetting. Nite again.

  2. ramaink says:

    Is that a pheasant? I love his solidity against all that hazy hullabaloo going on in the background. And the rust of his feathers is glorious against that grey! Awesome photo!

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