A not so social traveller

For those regular readers who have been wondering where James is and why he hasn't posted anything of late the answer is: I'm in India. I feel that it answers both of the questions! Anyway I am lucky enough to have an iPad and a decent internet connection so I thought I would post a small piece to keep you all amused. You troublesome lot, you!


Sadly though, it's not so much an amusing blog post but more of a grumpy old man piece.


As most of you know I regularly travel to India, as much as I can really. However, it has been two years since my last visit and while the mountains are the same and the brilliantly bonkers people are still here there has been a shift in the culture of travellers. Before, if you were travelling alone, you could walk into a restaurant or cafe and strike up a conversation with another fellow traveller over a chai or whatever your tipple is. Now you would struggle and the reason? Technology. I walked into a restaurant I have been going to for the last seven years were there would always be a little group of fellow travellers, a cacophony of different accents and now you only hear the technological click of buttons. I sat there sipping my hot Honey and Lemon (delicious by the way) feeling somewhat mournful as if something of our spirit of adventure had died. We were sat in the shadow of the Himalayas and as I sneakily walked around the customers I saw two people playing Angry Birds, one texting, another watching Homeland and at least ten people chatting on Facebook. People would rather be face down in a pile of Apps then witness the true majesty of nature. I drank my now slightly tainted drink and left, choosing to buy street food and chat to the shop owner then stare longingly at an apple logo.


I thought perhaps I am just being cynical and that it's not happening all over, but as I stared into each coffee house and restaurant along the road they were filled with people on their laptops, their iPads and phones. What a sad people we have become when rather than getting out there and experiencing incredible India we would still rather Instragram our lunch half way across the world. The hotel is the same, where once was a throng of people sat downstairs around the guitar, now they surround the wi-fi connection, like neanderthals around fire choosing to ignore the likes of me, dying to hear about their travels. Travelling is all about sharing experiences. So man next to me, please stop listening to Taylor Swift songs on Youtube and chat to me!


10 thoughts on “A not so social traveller

  1. Santi says:

    Welcome to modern world, James!!! Technology brings you closer to those who are far from you and it takes you away from those around you. Will people survive to an internet blackout? Enjoy your trip and be sure that we will be here waiting for you. 😉

    • James Dunn says:

      That statement couldn’t be more true. I was wondering what would happen if we did have a blackout, luckily out in Dharamsala we regularly have blackouts. The result? They go and find internet cafes with generators!

  2. Noeline Smith says:

    I think it’s a shame that we get lost in our technology and ignore the world around us – it happens at home as well as abroad! It seems that people need the ‘sameness’ and familiarity to feel secure, but isn’t that half the excitement of travel – the unfamiliar, the not knowing, finding out about different cultures and people …….

  3. madiebeartri says:

    Social Networking is ruining the social scene. 😦 Kinda sad. Pretty soon people won’t remember how to talk face to face.

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