Bank Holiday Catch Up

Here in the UK it’s a Bank Holiday (Public Holiday to those outside of my little island) and I have decided to use it to catch up on all the blogs I follow and find out more about the new followers I have received over the last few weeks. So please comment with links to blog posts of yours I should be reading so I can; catch up, comment and follow!

12 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Catch Up

  1. jimmorrisondreamdiaries says:

    Welcome back…there are some interesting blogs on my community if youget time(apart from my amateurish one)…Yes we are a little Island. I’m English,. brought up in Scotland with foreign father who passed away in England. When I look at the world map we look so tiny. I know England better than Scotland I’m ashamed to say.,,I love the higher places in Scotland as they more friendly. Hope you had good break!

      • jimmorrisondreamdiaries says:

        Yes it puts this little world into perspective compafred to all the universes around and above us moving and changing. The himalayas must have been wonderful and hard too. I have lived with no water, electricity years ago in remote cottage but carried water in. Was struck by lightning(the metal pail) as I was fascinagted by the fork lightning. My mother who was Nurse of The Year had just returned from big city of Glasgow(miles away from here) screeched at me but I hadn’t realise how much danger I was in. My rubber shoes saved me. Still have weak left arm burning, numbness in left leg most days but it happened again TWICE in different situations. Will write blog story about this.

  2. Noeline Smith says:

    I have a feeling that this one ( might appeal …… but please feel free to have a look at a few more ๐Ÿ™‚ (Hope the link works – I’m not much good at that sort of thing!) This is part of a series of me reliving a four and a half week motorcycle trip through to Romania last year. You obviously like your travel and so I’d really recommend Romania as somewhere to visit – I think you’d like it but it’s probably best with your own transport to get to, what I felt, were the best places.

    …. one more thing – the weather this weekend looks too good to be stuck inside looking at a screen – or have you got a hammock and an iPad? ๐Ÿ™‚

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