Paris Revisted – Advice!

This is a VERY short post asking for your help…

As the title gives away I am heading back to Paris. The reason I am posting is I’d like advice as to what I might have missed and crucially what would make great photographs. I visited last year and I posted vast sways of photographs of them on here but this time I want to capture more unique shots of Paris. I am going with a group of friends but still want to capture some great shots for you all to see so please comment with ideas! So come Parisians and tourists alike and lets hear your hidden gems

6 thoughts on “Paris Revisted – Advice!

  1. postandgate says:

    Yes – do walk up the canal from Republique up to Jaures. An edgy part of North Paris with a lot of ethnicities and life circumstances cropping up here and there in various forms. Also the Marche aux Puces in Barbes Rochechouart is very good. Walk for a bit past all the commercial stuff and you will find the vintage/classic parisian merch arranged in very aethestically pleasing ways. Good to capture and to browse! Hovis best of both!

    Other than that I look the residential streets beyond surrounding Montmartre. As in, the non-touristy bit beyond Sacre Coeur etc.

    Knock yourself out x

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