12 months, 12 runs

So after posting about my little marathon walk I’ve had people asking me why I would be putting myself through the pain and torment?

Well to tell you the truth I don’t know why.  I did one 10km run in July and it has since become a fools errand of mine to do 12 runs in 12 months. Since then I have done a small 5Km, a walking marathon and another 5Km as a recover from the marathon.

For anyone who knows me I am not the athletic type but this ‘mission’ has become something of an obsession. I now own fitness monitors, crazily expensive shoes and lycra. LYCRA!

Why have I carried on going? To be shallow it’s the medals. Every wall I hit or muscle I tear I think of that medal up on my bookcase and I keep stumbling on. But running is also a painful kind of therapy; in between the thoughts ripping through my head of “ow” and “why am I doing this” my mind finds a similar kind of serenity I find when I meditate. I don’t know if it the rhythmic thud as my foot falls or the heavy and laboured in and out of my breathing but my mind drifts outwards and I can really think. The serenity stays with me until I need pee then that is all that is in my head.


9 thoughts on “12 months, 12 runs

  1. Santi says:

    Happy to read about you again!!!! And about the marathon… each one chooses his own boundaries just to surpase them. They don’t need to be great works, but something that pushes us to improve. To feel that we are able to grow.

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