I have a Shop!

The title kind of says it all but for the sake of blogging I will elaborate.  So after a few months of pestering and pandering the people who own the shop below the office in the Cotswolds that I work in, they have allowed me to take over the space for a few weeks.

The shop

I have had it now for almost a month but sadly Monday will be the last day, for now at least. One thing I loved above all others about making my photography into art is that I can talk to people about the incredible things I have been lucky enough to see and to experience. I’ve talked about going to the Olympics, interviewing politicians, living and working in India, meeting His Holiness and walking through my beloved Cotswolds to name but a few. I have had a great life so far and sitting in my little shop surrounded by snapshots of my life I am reminded of that each and every day.

Although I haven’t had a day off since all this begun (7 days a week!) and I honestly can’t wait to not have to hang up a sign saying, “back in 5 minutes” every time I need to anything, this last month has been such a privilege.

As the season of goodwill is upon us I wanted to take this blog post to thank not only you, my brilliant and loyal readers,but also everyone who has helped me over the years with my photography. To those of you who have had to sit for hours while I frantically snap sights, to the many who have allowed me to photograph them and to the others who have brought my work and have it up in their homes; thank you from the very recesses of my heart.

Photo 20-12-2013 11 50 52

4 thoughts on “I have a Shop!

  1. ckponderings says:

    Brilliant, James! It sounds like it went really well. I’d love to be in a position to do the same – it’s something I’ve thought about a number of times – but sadly bills and a mortgage take priority. 😦 Thanks for living my dream! 😀

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