Midnight Strikes, Now What?

New Year, new you?

Wether you’re stopping, starting, finishing or quitting we all begin the year with such high hopes for the better human we can be; a recreated self.

The worse thing about making a New Year’s Resolution is the inevitable breaking of it. I always live by the rule that resolutions kick in on January Second. The hangover that comes from the year before’s drinking means you end up craving that which you vowed loudly to have quit forever. So for all those bruising a hangover with the forbidden fruit of a cheese burger or chocolate I say enjoy it today and if you really mean to quit think of it as your last hurrah.

What is my resolution? This year unlike every other behind it I don’t have one. Why make something you break when you can change naturally and not feel like are doing it because you have to.

So Happy New Year readers and here’s to a cracking 2014!

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