My 2013 – 12 months, 12 songs

2014It’s that time of year again. This year has been a year of great adventures and days to never forget, which has resulted in a rather crazy concoction of music. Who knows what 2014 will hold and don’t forget to subscribe to not miss out on anything else.

So turn up the volume and I’ll hit play…

1. The Beatles – Black Bird

This song meant very little to me before 2013. This song and a very special couple I met in India are the reason I’m comfortable singing again. I met the American couple by chance, they were hanging out with a guest in the hotel I live in when I stay in India, he didn’t have enough money to pay for the bill and was about to get on a bus. I trusted (some say foolishly at the time) these two people who said that if I lent the guy, who had to leave, the money they would travel with him to the bus station and when he got to the ATM at the station bring that money back to me. It was a good couple of hours and I presumed that the money I had lent would never be seen again. They came back, moved hotels to mine and the rest as they say is history.

They both were very musical and after a few hours of trying to persuade me to sing, the girl came up with this song for me. Since the Black Bird I haven’t stopped chirping.

2. Indian group – Wagon Wheel

Again the American couple with two other of their friends sang this song a lot; since being University friends this song was well rehearsed and by far the best cover of the song I have ever heard. We sang it on my last night in India with a big group of us and I recorded it. Whenever I feel a little low I stick it on and it makes me smile.

3. Max Boyce – Hymns and Arias

As a proud Wales rugby supporter this song has always rung around the stadiums when I’ve watched the matches on tv. 2013 though was the first time I got to sing it shoulder to shoulder with fellow Welshmen in a do or die game. My aunt, uncle and cousin took me to see the final game of the Six Nations; England vs Wales the decider of the tournament. Wales won by the biggest margin it has ever done against England and we all sung this till our voices gave out.

4. Beyonce – I was Here

2013 I went to Chime for Change, a concert aimed at raising funds for a variety of women’s charities. It was amazing event and even-though Beyonce didn’t sing this song (the reason why not perplexes me), the song makes me think of that day’s concert and the lasting impact of doing good in the world.

5. Justin Nozuka – After Tonight

The only song to have been in every running playlist I’ve ever had. 2013, for anyone who doesn’t regularly read my blog, has been a year of a lot of running. This song has accompanied me at every foot-fall and sweat-drop.

6. Keith Getty and Stuart Kingsway – In Christ Alone

A stunning song used at the wedding I was Best-man for. Arguably the best day of my year, even-though it wasn’t even my wedding!

7. Leddra Chapman – Wine Glass

Finally saw her live in the summer despite loving her music for years. As beautiful live as it is recorded.

8. Lulu and the Lampshades – Cups

A song associated with the film Pitch Perfect and I learnt the cups rhythm while in India, although it took me far far longer than any normal person. I, in turn have taught it to others including; a very drunken night at a friend’s house, my granny’s 90th and at a music festival.

9. Elton John – Home

Saw the legend live at the iTunes Festival in London. He did not disappoint.

10. Gabrielle Aplin – Home

A beautiful song and a beautiful voice that reminds me of driving through India.

11. George Ezra – Budapest

Played this song on repeat while I set up my shop in November. Such a catchy song that keeps you smiling.

12. Frank Turner – The way I tend to be

No words needed, a stunning song.



8 thoughts on “My 2013 – 12 months, 12 songs

  1. Katie Dolla says:

    I all ways love these posts every year. Im making the playlist of these songs but I can’t have it all since your second one is a personal one. NO FAIR! Love this blog, keep up the great work James.

  2. Matt Stephens says:

    The ultimate money song from the ultimate band, Pink Floyd. Catch it here live in the wrinkled flesh. “Money” was created in a garden shed. It’s known for its cash register and coin sounds effects–and, these days, the band’s wrinkled flesh.

  3. souldipper says:

    And didn’t you just give me a thrilling morning of memories, lessons and great listening! Many thanks for this – I feel a bit more in love with Wales after the Hymns and Arias. Wales makes me think it would understand a Canadian living beside the States…

    One time I had to make a hurried, last-minute trip to Vancouver. I had a hard time finding a hotel room so ended up staying in a mediocre hotel. Ended up, I was on a floor of partyers…man I could NOT get to sleep. People were in the halls – males singing, hooting and chanting. I didn’t know whether to be furious or frightened. I phoned the front desk.

    It was the All Blacks! All Blacks? Wow! All forgiven.

    (Imagine that hotel doling out their last few vacant rooms on a floor they KNEW would be wild!)

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