Prayer Cards and Blog Update

Recently I have been producing little inspirational cards or Christian prayer cards for churches in London and Oxford but I have now started making  prayer cards for you, the general public. Below is an example of one but if you are interested let me know and I will send you a few more examples.

In other news; I have given my blog a bit of a facelift as the last design was sooo 2013. Let me know if you like and if you discover any gremlins on the site! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the links just below my logo.

Happy New Year (yes I know its a month late but I forgot in my last post!)

Prayer Card

6 thoughts on “Prayer Cards and Blog Update

  1. jimmorrisonmysticimages says:

    Prayer cards is great idea for all Churches and all those who are connected but who don’t belong to any particular Church…I light candles every day since a child as I simply feel to do so and many see me praying for them in dreams which keeps us all ‘connected to the higher intelligence’…’Voice’….I love the candles card….and words…one of my old songs actually beleive it or not was ‘Light Of The World’ inspired by a dream of JDM when I hadn’t known anything about him..only his voice!

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