Four Weddings and a Home

So here I am once again using a train journey to update my blog. Appauling dedication I know, I’m hanging my head in shame.

So what’s my excuse? Well it’s four weddings and a house. But don’t get too excited my summer is Hugh Grant free I’m afraid.

After three years of taking my photography seriously I have the huge honour of photographing four upcoming weddings this summer. The weddings are quite different and are all incredibly exciting and I honestly can’t wait. I will of course blog about the experience for those who are remotely interested.

So that’s been keeping me occupied but my move has also been invading into blog writing time. I feel a strange sense of comfort that my life can be condensed and contained in a few large boxes and some carrier bags. This is the first time I am living completely on my lonesome and making my beautiful house into a beautiful home is honestly one of the greatest feelings any human can experience. Turning a blank canvas so large it’s measured in square foot into a reflection of you. A self portrait that you inhabit.

The house is a beautiful converted chapel nestled in the Cotswolds, which for those of you who are regular readers will know is my family home. Everyone who has been over so far describe it as a Tardis, bigger on the inside and it even has a Tardis blue door! One great thing is that the kitchen has a huge cooker, far larger than it should be for a kitchen of it’s size, meaning that I can start to blog about food again as I can cook properly once more!

I have had no internet in the house until this week so I now am able to blog till my heart’s content again and with many ideas scribbled on bits of paper throughout the house I can promise it won’t be too long before my next post.

Until next time faithful readers!

13 thoughts on “Four Weddings and a Home

  1. L.S. Engler says:

    Moving can be a big pain in the butt, but nothing describes that feeling you described of the blank canvas waiting to be the next chapter in your life. The new place sounds absolutely charming (and inspiriting)! Best of luck with getting settled in

  2. Sallyann says:

    Looking forward to the wedding photos, my Middle Daughter has the event planned for herself, and of course Son-in-Law to be, they do have a photographer for the main event, but I’m to be taking up the slack in the evening. No pressure there then!!!

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