Coffee and selfies, one of them is my all time love and the other word makes me shudder. I hope you can guess which one is which, otherwise you might be reading the wrong blog.

MugshotI was sent an email asking me to join in this little craze and if it is about coffee my answer is usually yes. The mug I’m drinking from came with the house my friends and I rented in second year of university and it has stayed with me ever since. Now stained with the coffee that kept me going through; final year exams, late night photo editing and far too many hangovers it is still my favorite mug. It has been patched up a few times too but still serves as my fuel delivery system perfectly.

Check out these other “mugshots” from Personal Creations, then share your own using the hashtag #PCMugshots. It’s a cracking idea, since my blog starts with the word coffee plus I haven’t spoken about my love of coffee in a while I thought it was only right to jump on this bandwagon!


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6 thoughts on “Mugshot

  1. Sallyann says:

    A nice long latte with a sprinkling of cinnamon and vanilla is the poison of my choice. Unfortunately it’s mostly decaf nowadays. Too much caffeine makes my heart race and not enough gives me a caffeine hit withdrawal migraine.
    I tried cutting it out all together but then found that accidental caffeine causes a migraine too.
    What a dilemma… Now I balance the caffeine, one in the morning and again in the evening, I can manage an extra one now and again without my heart racing and the accidental caffeine no longer causes migraines.
    I mostly enjoy the flavour of decaf. (it’s amazing what you can get used to). But I do savour my morning and evening coffees. 🙂

    • James Dunn -- Coffee and Countries says:

      When I was at university I used to drink ten or so cups of coffee to help me get through the day now I’m content with 3 or 4 but it has never kept me up at night luckily. However, if I don’t have a cup I start to get the shakes which I am pretty sure means I have a caffeine dependency hehe

  2. Manny Rutinel says:

    What a great post! I just followed you to stay updated on your future posts and I look forward to them. I recently started my own personal blog, so feel free to check out my profile where you’ll find my blog and social media sites.

    Have a great day 😀

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