My 2014 – 12 months, 12 songs

2014-look-back-2So here’s to another year gone by, without a doubt 2014 has been the best of my life (so far). With the compilation of  moving in to my own little place in the Cotswolds, my photography really taking off and well just about everything else you could think of going rather swimmingly.

Anyway, I will stop sounding like one of those round robin letters you get at Christmas and crack on with 2014’s playlist:

1. Fast Car – Tracey Chapman

A few months ago I was lucky enough to visit a few car meccas including the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, the Lamborgini Factory in Sant’Agata and the creme de le creme; Monaco. Without one song that I could pick out for the trip I thought one that related to it in some way might put it better.

2. It’s Like Love – Dewayne Everttsmith

This probably isn’t a very well known song but if you have watched tv and the advert to “Visit Australia” pops on that is this song. The reason it is on my list is that while in India this year it was on THE WHOLE TIME. This rather soppy earworm is so imbedded that even the mention of anything Australian and I’m gone.

3. Greatest B**tard – Damien Rice

Arguably the most emotional song I’ve ever listened to. An artist I loved growing up and his new album released in 2014 has some great songs but this one is in a whole other league, really worth a listen.

4.  Already Home – A Great Big World

For the non-avid readers I moved into my own place in the Cotswolds in April and this song was great to listen to while I shouted at Ikea furniture for not going together.

5. Fairytale of New York – Pogues

This year I started a new line of work, Christmas cards. So for me Christmas preparation started in June, regardless of that fact I still absolutely love Christmas and this song was played quite a few times (to put in mildly) since June.

6. Marry You – Bruno Mars

Also a new addition to work has been wedding photography, a daunting task but luckily I have had really lovely couples to photograph and while all the weddings were different this song was played at pretty much all of them. Plus it is a brilliant song to belt out in the car.

7. Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens

Short but an oh so sweet song. One of the many songs I have had on constant repeat in 2014.

8. Broken Strings – James Morrison

For most people this will sound rather pathetic but this year I broke my beloved badminton racket. I had been using the same racket for almost nine years through school, university and now local club. Suddenly during a match I felt the handle start to loosen and the next thing I knew the head of the racket flew towards my opponent and all I had in my hand was the handle. I now have a new racket but I still can’t bring myself to throw the old one away, sentimental old fool that I am.

9. Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

This song is taken from the soundtrack to the best film I saw last year; The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. While it got mixed reviews from the media, I absolutely loved it and the whole soundtrack really adds to it. The main reason I went to see it in the first place is because the trailer showed very little about the actual movie unlike every other Hollywood blockbuster that basically tells you the entire plot in those two minutes.

10. Photograph – Her Soundtrack

A close runner up for my favourite film of the year but the soundtrack, being mostly instrumental and stunning beautiful, has been a wonderful album to listen to while I work. Filled with emotion and long lingering notes it makes you stop and think if only for a minute or two.

11. Robin – Joseph Arthur

This year we lost one of my favourite actors, Robin Williams. While we now know the full story of his struggles behind the scenes he was always an actor whose films I could put on and laugh no matter what the mood. This tribute song by the wonderful singer Joseph Arthur has a video of his life that will make even the hardest of people shed a tear.

12. Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

Reminds me of getting ‘a little’ drunk at a village Christmas party and dancing out the lyrics in front of some very bemused people, luckily I wasn’t dancing alone!

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