A Question for You

question-markThis is a blog post that I want you to write.

Please put in the comment section your answer to this short but immense question:

Happiness is….?

When I get twenty comments I will post my interpretation to a question with no fixed answer. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.


I got the twenty comment aim so thank you to all those who took the time to tell me what they think. Really interesting answers and please anyone whose reading this part keep commenting!

My answer is that happiness is simply a side effect of a feeling; the sun on your face, the smell of incense burning, seeing the one you love smile, hearing that you’ve done a great job or tasting your mum’s cooking.

I had this answer when I first wrote the question but your answers all resonate with me in one way or another and it was hard not to change my answer in light of all your brilliant insights.

55 thoughts on “A Question for You

  1. ramaink says:

    …an idea, warm meadows, a cup of tea and rain on a window pane, birdsong, a favourite line in a book, a poem, warm hugs, apple pie, paint on a brush….a dream..being…

  2. Eleanor says:

    …taking your imagination for regular strolls and practising empathy/perspective/awareness when you can. (Urgh, fruity but there you go :P)

  3. Renate says:

    Happiness is drawing, seeing my little sister dance, a little sister running to me for a hug (my little sisters in general, actually), being with my family and love, running into my niece at university, sunsets, being at the beach when the wind is blowing, reading my Bible and my job.

  4. ArtiZenImages Maureen Medina says:

    Happiness is being content with one’s self , despite one’s flaws. Happiness is having a passion. Happiness is being grateful for life’s gifts and appreciating the little joys. Happiness is love in all its forms. Happiness is being secure in the ebb and flow of life and embracing uncertainty.

  5. mdg says:

    Happiness is being comfortable in your own skin, having an open mind, a thirst for living, and never losing the childlike curiosity in you. 🙂 A thought provoking post you have here.

  6. girl_dreaming says:

    Happiness is finding out what you want in all things – work, life, mind, and body – and doing it. Well. Because you want to do it. (True Fandom, baby!)

    Much easier to say than do.

  7. Liz Cookman says:

    Happiness is warm feet! I had a nighty that said that with a picture of a penguin in socks when I was a kid and whenever I think of it it makes me happy. And so do warm feet, literally and metaphorically.

  8. frenchapple10 says:

    happiness is in the small moments…the cuddle on the sofa with your daughter, cutting open an orange and admiring it’s perfect symmetry, finding the perfect blue paint for your wal, reading in bed on a rainy Sunday…

  9. niasunset says:

    Happiness is not easy to explain in one word or in one thing… But I can say this, happiness is something in your heart/soul… if you have this hidden power, happiness can come from anything, anyplace, anytime…

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