Post-back and Three Song Playlists

This week I got a message from WordPress telling me that I have been blogging for five years. To celebrate my half a decade of blogging, I’m going to introduce two new features to my blog and the posts that go on it.

The first is something I’ve unoriginally entitled ‘Post-back’, it will be a menu button betwixt the ‘home’ and ‘bucket list’ buttons. This virtual lever will throw you back to a post that I put up during that month over the years. I will change the post that it jumps to every week or so. It is my way of having an excuse to look back over my five years while hopefully giving the new readers a chance to see what things used to be like back in the day! The first one I have linked to is the very first blog entry I ever posted.

File 14-07-2015 13 48 35The second has been inspired by the amazing time I had at Cornbury Music Festival this weekend. It was a weekend that my friend entitled “when James got his groove back” and as music has always been such huge part of my life I thought at the end of each blog I would add a little playlist. The playlist will only be three songs long, but they will be pieces that I have had on constant play that week with links to YouTube so you can have a listen yourself.

To end this post I simply want to say thank you. Cheers to all of you, whether you’ve been with me since day one or day 1,825 for keeping me sane, laughing and inspired.

Three Song Playlist

Vance Joy – Mess is Mine

Josh Ritter – Good Man

Paper Aeroplanes – Multiple Love

10 thoughts on “Post-back and Three Song Playlists

  1. dwight_low23 says:

    5 years! Thats dedication right there i only lasted three months so now i read blogs instead of writing them. Got to say though your blog is pretty top dollar

  2. ckponderings says:

    Congrats on the five years! I love the post-back idea; as you say, it’s a great way of introducing people to your stunning photography. I got a similar message from WordPress a week or so ago, saying I’d hit 4 years, so it’s keeping us old-timers busy! 🙂

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