San Francisco, please make room for me


“San Francisco, please make room for me. Well I’m going to San Francisco if I have to crawl on my knees” – San Francisco Blues.

San Francisco, for me, has always been this iconic and slightly mythical city; for its food, people, landscape, food, culture, history and did I mention food? Every time it would be used in a film or tv show I’d say to myself I want to go there. Well now I finally am and I couldn’t be more stoked (check me out, using the slang already).

But why now? It’s all down to the San Francisco Marathon. I saw a Youtube video of the marathon, by GingerRunner, and knew right then that was what I needed to finally make me put flowers in my hair. Running across the Golden Gate Bridge, through San Francisco’s marina, parks and neighbourhoods just sounds like a dream. Can you tell I’m a little excited already?

TSFM2016JAMESD-FBI am also really proud to have been picked to be an ambassador for this amazing race. Which not only means that I can offer you all a discount if you want to run with me across the Golden Gate Bridge and beyond, but that I am also part of a brilliant community before I have even set foot in the US of A. The ambassadors are charged with ensuring that the most people are there at the start line and that they have the best experience they can have. If you have any questions about running this race, pop them in the comment section below and I’ll get them answered.

The code in the picture to the right gets you $10 off the full and both half marathons! (TSFM2016JAMESD)

The San Francisco Marathon comes three months after the London Marathon so keeping up the training in between will be key. Not letting my body rest on its laurels,  but keeping up my training means that  I can enjoy the marathon, through a city that has been calling to me for years and years, rather than collapsing in a sweaty pool one mile in with a stomach full of the city’s oh-so-tempting treats.

The rest of my first, that’s right first, – trip to America is going to prove something of an adventure and I can’t wait to tell you all about it once I have it all tied down and booked! Any tips on places to go in San Fran?

Three Song Playlist

The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow

Fyfe Dangerfield – She’s Always a Woman

Paul Simon – The Obvious Child

15 thoughts on “San Francisco, please make room for me

  1. rachelcullenwrites says:

    Great blog James. Wish I was doing San Fran Mara with you – I remember it being a great city, although it’s a long time since I’ve been (9 years to be exact) and I’ve changed a lot in that time! I’m running the London Mara, so will see you down there 😉

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