A Runners Diet – The Experiment


I have often talked about how little I know about myself when it comes to marathon running. I have done mostly trial and error to see what does and, more often than not, what doesn’t work. This unknowing spreads to my diet. I haven’t really changed it at all since I started running a year ago. So I thought it was time to change that…

So, for the next four weeks I will be going vegetarian.

For people who know me you’ll understand that this is a big move. I have been vegetarian in the past but only really out of necessity when living in India. Being a country boy, born and bred, I’ve never willingly shunned a carnivorous lifestyle, until now. It is not an easy decision but if I want to become a better runner some sacrifices must and need to be made.

I had my first Half Marathon of the year yesterday and so today the vegetarian diet begins and will finish after my next Half in four weeks. Both of them are flat and fast races so as long as I don’t get injured it will be easy to compare. I will, hopefully, be getting fitter so within small margin I should be faster but its by how much, how I feel in the build up and how I recover in the aftermath of the race. The Windsor Winter Half which was yesterday was a freezing four and a bit loop course around Eaton Dorney rowing lake and despite feeling not as fit as I was last year I managed to set a time of 2:00:52 (a minute shy of my PR). The intense beauty of running around a frozen lake as the winter sun shines down made for a hard but incredible race (review to follow shortly on my reviews page).

I should make clear that this is not an exact science in any way shape or form. I know that plenty of people will look at this experiment with derision. It is more for my own curiosity and if it leads to me becoming a faster (and thinner) runner then all the better!

NEXT RACE: Hampton Court Half

Three Song Playlist

Verite – Phase Me Out

London Grammar – Rooting For You

Charlie Cunningham – An Opening

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