A Runners Diet – Week One

One week down, three to go….

The first week has not been a normal week to put it lightly so comparing how my running is being affected is difficult. During the week I moved house; days of loading up boxes, cars and trailers combined with swearing at furniture and shouting “PIVOT” swallowed up most of my running time. The two runs I did do were short but fast. The key run was a ParkRun in Oxford on Saturday, where I was a whole minute faster than my previous 5Km run but worryingly I did not feel great while I was running. I felt low on energy from about 3km in as if I was running on fumes rather than fuel. This was despite the fact I had a large dinner of spinach cannelloni and my usual pre-run breakfast of porridge. Feeling like that near the end of a run is ok but feeling like that 3km in to a marathon would be terminal. On the flip side I felt my body recover quicker than usual.

I also play squash once a week with a friend, he taught me how to play and I usually get a few games over him when we play but this week I actually managed to beat him. My body just felt more agile than usual and I trusted that I could get to shots I would normally just leave.

It is clear that changes are occurring, however, I don’t know whether to put them down to the my veggie diet as it has only been one week. I can attribute to a lot of other factors: my body still readjusting to my new training plan, doing more strength training through carrying countless boxes, giving my legs more rest than they are used to or simply getting fitter. The real test will come in weeks three and four as I build up to my half marathon. Cravings are very much present, having a glorious Sunday Roast without the meat part is just not the same! Looking forward to a proper burger at the end of all this.

NEXT RACE: Hampton Court Half

Three Song Playlist

Stephen – Fly Down

Julia Michaels – Issues

Colony House – You Know It

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