If this experiment was a TV show this week would definitely be called Curry Week.

Due to; making too much, peer pressure and a celebration I ended up eating curry five nights last week. But besides giving my stomach deju vu to when I lived in India, how have I felt this week? Well once again I am faster, fitter and more motivated than I was before I started. But, once again I’m questioning whether that should be put down to eating all the veggie curry I could pronounce or a massive boost in my running mojo. I have now put in place a running schedule (which I’ll be sharing on Instagram soon) combined with doing more regular ‘competitive’ events. I use air quotes as the competitive races are the 5K ParkRuns which I know aren’t the greatest build up to marathons but I am really enjoying the short sharp fitness training. From week one to week two I have improved on my 5K PR by almost a minute. I know it could just be down to the different terrain, the fact that I was being hunted down by friends behind me the whole race but it could be the fact that I’m putting good food in me.

By fuelling my body with more efficient fuels I am giving it the best start before I even reach the start line. Having a diet with higher levels of carbohydrates, fiber and antioxidants combined with cutting out meat that tends to have a lot of saturated fat I am giving my body what it needs to run and recover faster.

I know full well I will go back to eating a meat diet (as the cravings are not going away!) but as the weeks progress I am sure that I will be having more vegetarian days and cutting out food that doesn’t fuel me right. I started doing this experiment because I felt there isn’t much conclusive research on athletes (not that I am one) and vegetarian diets but I’m pretty confident it is working for me. To what extent it is working I’ll find out on February 19th when I line up for the Half Marathon that ends this experiment.

NEXT RACE: Hampton Court Half

Three Song Playlist

La La Land – Another Day of Sun

Kaleo – Way Down We Go

London Grammar – Big Picture

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