Staying Focused.

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With under a month to go until my four marathons in less than two months challenge begins I find myself woefully unprepared. With a deluge of weddings, music festivals and holidays my marathon training took a backseat and real life, wonderfully, took the wheel.

With no races booked in from the start of July onwards my drive to train, eat healthy and not stay stuck to the sofa wained. My only marathons were of the Netflix variety. My motivation died off simply because I had no immediate pressures to perform; no PBs to conquer, no medals to earn. Now with time sliding through the hour glass I have to kick everything up a gear or twelve.

My aim is still to slice off half an hour from my previous marathon time. Ideally I would love to cut it even further but I won’t really know how fit I am until I line up in Berlin at the end of the September. Once that race is over I will be able to gauge what time I am capable of come the Queenstown Marathon in November.

The one thing that the past few months has taught me is that I need races to keep constantly training, with a half marathon looming it’s a lot easier to turn down that second slice of cake. I never stop learning when it comes to running and I love that but it’s not always good, especially for my bank balance and social life.

Next Race: Leighton 10 Miler

Three Song Playlist

Keaton Henson – Lying to You

Blackbeard’s Tea Party – Chicken on a Raft

Georgi Kay – Joga

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