30 Things I’ve Learnt in my first 30 Years

I am no longer a twenty something, I have become a thirty year old today; an age when you were a kid you considered ancient. Whilst I have more than a few grey hairs, I can’t even see the hill let alone be considered over it. If anything I feel more youthful than ever but that could be denial.

I’ve seen loads of bloggers and Youtubers create content on what they’ve learnt over the years so I thought in an effort to be ‘down with the kids’ I would give it a whirl. So without further a do (as I don’t have much time left..) is the 30 things I have learnt in my many days on this planet.

1. Have confidence in your own eccentricities. You’ll find others who love you for them.

2. Travel as much as you can, seeing the larger world makes you appreciate the smaller things you often take for granted.

3.  There’s nothing wrong with being too chatty.

4. Pizza is always a good idea.

5. Watching you childhood friends get married and have kids is both the most terrifying and beautiful thing.

6. Toenails aren’t that necessary.

7. There’s always time for beer/coffee with friends.

8. Live in London once in you life, if only to understand that it’s definitely not for you.

9. Live somewhere outside of your own country.

10. Go and see as many live events as you can; sport, music, anything really.

11. Never be afraid of making a prat of yourself.

12. It may be hard but stand up for what you believe in.

13. Listen. Really listen

14. Ask for help when you need it and offer it even when no one’s asking.

15. Write a bucket list.

16. Family is a gift, never take it for granted.

17. Exercise isn’t the worst thing in the world.

18. Surround yourself with solution finders.

19. Follow your passions, no matter where they take you.

20. You can never have too many cups in a house.

21. Never forget those who made you who you are in whatever way.

22. If you have a baby face, grow a beard.

23. Never play squash with a hangover.

24. Never under estimate Old Kent Road in Monopoly.

25. 26.2 miles is a bloody long way.

26. Experiences are more important than things.

27. Always write back, or call back, or text back.

28. Just do your best. If you fall short, who cares, as long as you know you put your heart in.

29. Making lists are hard.

30. Document your life. Write, photograph, video, whatever you’ll appreciate being able to look back one day.

4 thoughts on “30 Things I’ve Learnt in my first 30 Years

  1. Andrew says:

    Some very good lessons. I turned 60 this year so maybe I should try and capture my lessons. The problem is the older I get the more impatient I become because I know the clock is ticking. I think travel is one of the great teachers in life. If you balance your family and your wanderlust you are doing well. Happy 30th.

  2. ckponderings says:

    A very happy birthday to you! A great way to sum up your first thirty years on this planet, and a lot of things I recognise in myself there (speaking as someone 50% older than you!). I’m intrigued by the back story to Number 6!!

    I would add “Life is short, enjoy yourself” and “Focus on the good things in life” (I try and find one positive thing each day and note it down). The bucket list is a good idea too – again something I’ve done in the past is to compose a list of 12 things I want to do in the next year, revealing the list on 1st January. These don’t have to cost anything or be major (have a picnic, walk barefoot on a sandy beach), but they help you focus on positive experiences outside of the run-of-the-mill, day-to-day things life chucks at us! 🙂

    Great work! 🙂

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