Running Resolutions


On the eve of every January 1st, I scribble on a post-it my aims for that new year about to burst into life with fireworks and fizz. The note, passive aggressively towards my future self, then gets stuck to my fridge. That way every time I buy something I shouldn’t have (no doubt chocolate) and go to get it from the fridge those resolutions stare back at me, judging.

With 2018 only hours away I thought it would be a good idea to also share my running hopes for 2018 with all of you, rather than just the select few who rummage through my fridge. Hopefully, by sharing you can hold me accountable if I fail and celebrate when I succeed.

1. Run a sub 4:30 marathon. If I achieve that at Paris in April then I’d be aiming for 4:20 in Moscow come September.

2. Run a 50 mile race. This is a big one. I’ve booked into the Lakeland 50, a trail race through the stunning Lake District in July. This is what my training for the first half of the year is aimed toward. My target is not a time, just to finish.

3. Run a total of 15 marathons. With 11 done so far I need to clock up 4 more in 2018.

4. Run two ultra marathons. Along side the Lakeland 50 I’m looking to find another one later in the year to keep my body rolling on.

5. Get some more PBs. In 2017 I got personal bests in all distances and I want to continue that trend into next year.

6. Run 100 miles solo. There is a beautiful walking route near me called the Cotswold Way, my aim for 2018 is at some point to run the whole thing (around 100 miles) over three, four or five days.


4 thoughts on “Running Resolutions

  1. roystoncrandley says:

    New years eve is a weird time of the year. Everyone is so reflective and its’ all about looking back. Then the resolutions come out and with all good intentions the list is made. Mine is to cut sugar for January, run sub 23 for parkrun, and then get back into Triathlon. so I wish you well on your quest for a sub 4.30. Paris is lovely city, I ran there in 2011, don’t expect the same crowds as London though. Have a great new year. Keep blogging and fingers crossed for 2018.

  2. halfarsedrunner says:

    For the Lakeland 50, just finishing is a very legitimate goal. When I ran Race to the Stones last year, my two main goals were to not have to drop out and to finish without injury. Good luck with all your resolutions!

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