Running with…The Tube Runners

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I came across this running group purely by chance during an Instagram scroll, instantly I was drawn in by the Tube Run’s simple but exciting concept.

There are so many running clubs, groups and movements springing up at the moment that it is hard to decide which one might be right for you. Tube Run, or to give it it’s full name; London Tube Run is a free social running group that meets once a month and they run the length of a London Underground tube line. What made me reach out is that I think this group appeals to so many types of runners; running tourists who will get to see new parts of London, those who just don’t have time for a regular running club and people who get easily bored during long runs (I mean who doesn’t). Crucially because the routes follow an Underground line you can stop when you like and hop on a tube back home meaning that you can decide the distance whilst still running with a group.

I caught up with Phil from the organisation to learn more about it and how you can get join in. I must admit I am already looking forward to joining them on a run in the future.

How did it get started?

Having signed up for my first full marathon in November 2016 I proceeded to start a training program and without realising it my chosen running route took me past 5 stops of the Northern line between Oval and Balham, when I realised the pattern I decided I would extended my run by one station every week until I got to Morden the last stop on the Northern Line and maybe even one day run the whole thing. That’s where the idea for Tube Run came from.

What sort of people are you seeing getting involved?

We have all sorts, it amazes and inspires me every time. We have people training for marathons, ultras, and even an Ironman, as well as those that just want a new challenge this year. At the last run there was a guy that had never run more than 13.1 miles, he manged 15 miles before calling it a day and has already signed up for the next month’s Tube Run.


How do you see the future of Tube Run?

When I finally decided to do Tube Run, I hadn’t planned past the first three Tube runs because this was a loose personal challenge and partly because I hadn’t run consistently for more than 10km since my marathon five months earlier. But the enormous amount of interest and positive feedback I received after posting it on Facebook was overwhelming. I’ve actually enjoyed them a lot more than I expected so Tube Run will now be staying as an ongoing series for the foreseeable future. Something I’m looking forward to myself is the ‘Night Tube Run’ later this year, its something we don’t experience often.

Can anyone get involved?

Yes anyone can get involved, even if you cannot run the full distance of a particular tube line you can join us to run as far as you can at which point it’s easy to get on the tube to join everyone at the end for food or to make your way home.

Lastly morning coffee or morning run?

Morning run any day!


Facebook: LdnTubeRun       Website:

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