Advice from the Community


A week ago I asked the awesome Morning Coffee Run community what one tip they would give to new runners and I absolutely loved the responses I got back. I thought some of them deserved to be immortalised so below are a few of the Facebook and Instagram replies from the countless received. It really highlights what a caring and supportive community runners are.

“Never compare yourself to anyone else, run at a pace that’s comfortable to you, increase your mileage/frequency/intensity carefully, stay safe, but most importantly…enjoy! Running can change your life!” – Mandy Fitton

“It’s all about finishing lines and not finishing times – @charlie_proud91

“Accept that there will be tough runs, but it’s the tough runs where you can learn the most” – Amy Hedley

“Always ignore the first mile or two, you start to feel much better about 15 mins into a run! Oh and join a club. Running clubs are very friendly and inclusive and cater for all abilities” – @running_smiles

“When your head screams quit, run with your heart” – @darren.running.roberts

“Other runners have nothing but admiration for you and love the fact that you are running” – Richard Batchelor

“Start where you are not where you want to be” – @alkalineveganrunner

“Enjoy! You are taking a large step into a wonderful world. You will learn as you go, what works best for you. Continue tweeking, keeping it fun” – Marty Trescott

“One step at a time! Literally, and figuratively. Running is a journey not a destination and some days you’ll absolutely hate it, but other days you’ll be completely in love with it.” – @motivatedbymimosas

“The first few months are likely to be hard work and mentally challenging, no matter what your shape or size; get through it, and after that it gets much easier, and loads of lovely routes open up to you.” – Mildred Thehen

“Start saving. It’s not as cheap as everyone says.” – @runs_with_beard

“Never give up. Even when you can’t sort you breathing out . It will come when you have blisters. They will heal run with a group or solo believe in you and do your own thing and you will get there.” – Mary Henderson

“As a new runner I think it all comes down to self belief. If you think you can do it, you will” – @richydg74

“You will never regret a run. Some may feel hard or not go to plan, but you have got out there and done it!” – Julie Monaghan

“Invest in a good pair of shoes.” – @rudiloof





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