In-Flight Resolutions


After a particular treat filled couple of weeks in India I sat down during my flight home and made new resolutions to appease my guilt-filled belly and my reinvigorated mind.

Start doing Yoga: I did yoga for the first time in over ten years whilst in India. Albeit this yoga session will be hard to top, just me and my partner in a beautiful garden in the foothills of the Himalayas and when I’m home it will be on a iPad screen in my living room. Hopefully the memory of the warming sun and those peace filled moments will linger on though.

Veggie Days: I used to be a lot better at having a few days during the week where I would be vegetarian, which was great for my bank balance and my waist size. Since I’ve taken to bulk cooking my food at the start of the week the veggie days have taken a backseat. I’m going to try a lot harder to make more of my week meat and also cheese free (far, far too much paneer eaten by me in India!).

Less tv time, more me time: During the past few weeks I’ve watched no tv and limited time on my phone. It’s felt great just reading, chatting or simply watching the world go by. There is far more beauty beyond our screens. I’m going to try harder to have more technology free evenings spent doing the things I love.

Campaign Again: Through no fault but my own my dedication to the Tibetan cause, a cause I have campaigned about for over the past ten years, has dwindled. I am recommitted, reinvigorated and keen to find a new way to help in what ever way I can following my time back in Dharamshala and with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. To learn more about the Tibetan cause today and the human rights violations Tibetans have been subjected to for the past six decades in their own country click here.

Write More: I don’t just mean on here but more in general, I love the idea of maybe creating a book about my running one day so I want to document it all as best I can so when I do sit down to tie all these stories together I have enough material as my memory is patchy at best.

Seeing the Joy in the Routine: Whilst the past few weeks have been incredible I have really missed being able to run regularly and to also have a weekly routine again. Through early morning train journeys, constant changing hotel rooms and a world of sights and sounds my body longs for the set week and my own bed. Hopefully I will remember that feeling after a few weeks!

As always, thank you India. You’ve once again showed me why I call you my second home. England, I’m coming for you fresh and ready to hit the grown running, literally.

Next Race: Milton Keynes 20miler

Three Song Playlist

Missy Higgins – Foton Couch

Lorde – Hard Feelings

X Ambassadors – Stay

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