Product Review – TrueStart Coffee


Unsurprisingly my first ever product review on my site is coffee.

I decided to review some of the products offered by TrueStart Performance Coffee after meeting them at The Running Show in January. I loved the enthusiasm they had for their products and how over the moon they were to be shortlisted for a Running Award in nutrition, their passion was palpable and infectious.

The idea of the coffee brand came about when husband and wife, Simon and Helena Hills, were training for an Ironman 70.3. Helena would have a coffee before she started her morning training session and started noticing that sometimes she would smash the day and the next would be suffering from heart palpitations having drunk the same amount of coffee. It was out of this worrying problem that TrueStart was built:

“We started to look into how much caffeine gives you an energy boost, how much is too much and how much caffeine is actually in the coffee we’re drinking? We were amazed to find out that the caffeine levels in our cups of coffee varied loads – from 20mg to over 400mg per cup!”

But what makes this brand so unique and why have I picked them for my first product review?

As a self-proclaimed coffee addict I could speak for hours about the health benefits of these glorious little beans: from being high in antioxidants, chocked full of vitamins and minerals as well as making humans more tolerable in the morning. But what sets, TrueStart apart is that they boast that they deliver a uniform level of caffeine designed to give you the right amount of a caffeinated kick you need to get out the door and dominate your training without the crash. They are the first brand in the world to create a caffeine controlled coffee and while I was sceptical I must admit that through my testing I’ve noticed that the boost I’ve felt has been pretty regular. I’ve had it both in the mornings before work and about an hour before I go out for a run and the reliability of the caffeine injection I felt has been impressive. I must stress that I am not a scientist and only going on my personal experience but I am sold on their science.

Most importantly the coffee tastes great too, even for a coffee snob like me. I’ve used it in my friend’s professional coffee machine as well as my stove top espresso maker at home. From flat whites to simple black coffee it produces exceptional tasting coffee.

IMG_5078While I think their coffee is great what I actually wanted to make the focus of this article was their bars. Sadly I write that in the past tense because they announced recently that they are discontinuing them, I presume just because of the financials. I used a few of them during my training and really, really loved them so when I sat down to write this review I was excited to share all that I learnt with you but regrettably I put my body through testing for nowt. While you cannot get a hold of them it does show that they as a brand are incredibly good at producing products that actually work.

I know coffee isn’t for everyone but for those of you who share my love of coffee and running I would really recommend trying out a bag and seeing for yourself the peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the right caffeine boost to keep you running longer and stronger. Happy drinking.


All product reviews done on this site are NOT paid advertising and are not influenced by the company. They are independent and honest reviews of brands, products and experiences. If you would like to have your product reviewed please contact me at

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