Thank You & The Running Awards

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My last post about how I was struggling was really hard to publish but the swell of support and incredible messages I received truly helped me rebalance myself. I still can’t quite put in to words how lucky I am to have you all on my side, willing me on.

All you readers, Facebook likers and Instagram followers have helped me so much since the very start of this running adventure that the words ‘thank you’ fall far short of my gratitude. You give me the motivation to continue and the strength to endure. As most of you already know, thanks to my posts and pleads, I have been shortlisted for Best Personal Blogger at the Running Awards. The shortlisting is as much your accomplishment as I wouldn’t be pushing myself like I am to create content that, hopefully, inspires and informs without all of you. The community that we have created and the inspiring runners that are in it are what keep me going when things seem a bit bleak like they did last week. I crawled through the darkness thanks in part to all of you.

With the deadline fast approaching I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to those who have voted. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that your shout in to the void of the internet is being heard and appreciated. Shameless plug alert but if you haven’t voted yet, or if you did when I was just nominated, it would be amazing if you could head over to their site and vote. The category is inside the Publications and Online drop down and voting ends on the 15th of March so get clicking!

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It would honestly mean the world if I was to get in the top three as the other nominees are all incredible and with such inspiring stories. I really encourage you to read their blogs too (links are on the award site) as I’m sure you will find them just as awesome as I do. If I don’t win I won’t be dishearten though because I never started this blog with the ambition to win awards, I started it to show others that if I can do it then so can you. That regardless of the yokes of depression, weight or cracked self-confidence you can achieve something special. This blog was built around one simple motto; ‘change one life for the better and your life will have been lived well’.

So get those votes in, rope in your mates to vote too and lets see how far this little blog can go at the awards ceremony come April. Thank you in advance and I promise normal blogging service will resume on Thursday with an interview with the running colossus that is Adam Holland.

Next Race: Reading Half Marathon

Three Song Playlist

Passenger – Anywhere

Logic – Waiting Room

Lewis Capaldi – Bruises

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