I am a Marathoner

With the spring marathon season in full swing there are a lot of people about to complete their first ever marathon. To commemorate this incredible achievement you are about to undertake I wrote this little piece of prose:


From the outside we look mad.

We get up early on a weekend and run for miles upon miles. A warm bed shunned for rain soaked clothes or snow filled roads. We never stop, never weaken.

We wear blisters and missing toenails like badges of honour. We choose early nights over epic evenings, long runs over long brunches.

We keep running even when it hurts. We push through even when our mind screams relent.

We put Vaseline in unspeakable places and put plasters on our nipples. We wear lycra out of choice and feel pride in muddy shoes.

We strive when the odds are stacked against us. Miles tumble in our wake, conquered through endurance. We shatter walls with sweat drenched grit.

It doesn’t matter if you cross the line first or last, when that day comes and the finish line is crossed, you’ll be a marathoner too.


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