I’m not that Runner


I’m not that runner. I’m not that guy in the adverts you see gliding effortlessly down a Manhattan street, perfect complexion and not a sweat stain in sight.

I’m the regular runner. I’m the guy you see running like a sloth through peanut butter down a country lane or hobbling near the end of a race. Blotchy red face, covered head to toe in sweat and absolutely loving it.

I don’t think its a huge leap to say most of you readers would class yourself as the regular runner too. We aren’t the size the sports companies advertise for but we buy the same kit and run just as hard in it. We are all gloriously odd shapes and sizes heading for the finish line together.

When I started out in running I’d read reviews in magazines and online to try and work out what would be the right kit for me to use. I’d click buy now only to find that this item was next to useless for someone larger than these svelte reviewers.

The ideal running shoe for ‘every’ marathon runner they’d recommend would be too narrow for my big foot like feet or not cushioned enough. I really struggled to find a reviewer that had the same body type and needs as me.

Many of these reviews and social media ‘influencers’ had ulterior motives, they were either sponsored by the brand, had been paid by the brand to promote them or wanted to be. The recommendations they were giving were not true to the product.

Since I won the Blogger of the Year award I’ve had a few running companies reach out for reviews and promotion. I’ve readily accepted not just for myself and my ever growing haul of kit but to give you all honest reviews from a regular runner.


I feel like I should start from a position of honesty and as some of you who follow me on social media will know I am sponsored by one company; Point Blank. They created a cold brew coffee energy drink and I agreed to join up a few months ago not just because they have a cracking product (that I liked long before the sponsorship) but because they reached out to me. Not a top ten marathon finisher or ‘that runner’ but plod along, regular me. When I asked Josh their founder why they picked me his reply was simple;

“Inspired by your journey and all the goals you continue to set and achieve. Proud to be part of it”.

Because they sponsored me I won’t be reviewing the product as I know a lot of you will think I have those ulterior motives I spoke about, I recommend it regardless.

I’m not sponsored by any other manufacturers so these will be unbiased reviews. If they send me a product for free I will tell you but, as I must stress, that won’t affect my review. If I love it I’ll shout about it, if I hate it I’ll shout just as loud. There are no hidden motives, just honest reviews. I want to be the point of call for those, like me, who don’t fit the magazine body type.

These reviews will be at least monthly, starting this week with my review of Brooks Gyclerin. The shoe that started it all.

NEXT RUN: Broadway 5 Miler


One thought on “I’m not that Runner

  1. Karen says:

    Ah, this is great news and I’ll definitely be checking out your reviews. I’ve lost count of the stuff I’ve bought and tried by recommendation and just not been as blown away as the reviewer. Now that’s going to happen of course – we’re all different and different things suit us. I think you’re spot on though by saying that in the past reviewers tended to be super svelte, super fit (me=super jealous 🤣). Brilliant that you’re going to be Rocking it for Real Runners! 😍

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