Words of Support

So by now I will hopefully be about start day two of the Marathon des Sables and so I thought I would ask for you support for the next few painful days.

There is no real phone signal when I’m out there so I won’t be able to get emails, read the comments or anything but there is an email facility you can use on the Marathon des Sables website (http://www.marathondessables.com/en/marathon-des-sables).

You will need to put in my number which is 428.

They print them out each evening and bring it to our tents and it would really mean a lot to hear from you all. It doesn’t have to be long prose or serious messages of support but having some each day will help keep me going when shit gets real. I’m running every day from Sunday 7th until Friday the 12. The long stage (80-95km) is on the 10th and I will really need some help to keep going that day!!

All competitors are issued with a GPS tracker that will allow you guys to track my slow and steady progress in real-time. So if you are super bored at work and want to watch a little dot move across a desert than look no further! You should be aware that on rare occasions the tracker may lose signal or have battery power issues. This is usually a short term issue and doesn’t mean I’ve snuffed it!

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