I cannot believe how quickly London Marathon has come round this year. From a personal point of view the build up has been incredibly special. I can sometimes forget how truly magical it is to run a marathon but these five amazing first time marathoners have really reignited that magic in me again. I keep getting waves of immense excitement for them as we chat through our plans for the race and of course the pint afterwards.

You can read the first and second part of this series by clicking the links but for this part, and with only hours left until they become marathoners, I asked them just one ‘simple’ question:


How are you feeling about the race?


Rebekah – @being_that_mum

image1 3

I am constantly split between two things: Exited to be part of such a huge sporting event, feel the atmosphere and be surrounded by people in the same boat! AND nervous of the battle ahead. I know I can do it, but because I’ve not done it before the unexpected is terrifying but the only thing I’m ‘actually’ scared of is not doing it. My training has been far from perfect and I’ve not done as many miles as I’d hoped and that is what keeps flooding my mind.




I’m feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas at the moment! I’m so excited, although if I think about it too much I feel nervous too. I’m not aiming for a time, so I’m looking forward to enjoying the atmosphere and soaking it all up after putting in so much training.

I still can’t believe that I’m doing this – me, running a marathon?! It’s crazy! I feel so grateful to everyone that’s supported me and sponsored me in this journey, and I almost don’t want it to end.


Laura – @laurab167

Salisbury Half Marathon – 7.10.18 –

I am a mix of being incredibly nervous and incredibly excited. I am really excited for the day itself as everything that goes along side it. It’s going to be by far the biggest event I have ever taken part in to I’m really looking forward to the atmosphere. My aim is just to finish in one piece so hopefully I’ll get to take in everything that’s happening around me without the worry and pressure of trying to run for a time. And obviously I’m excited to spend all my savings at the expo


Simon – @simonruns

image1 5

I’m a massive bundle of emotions at the moment, both super nervous about the race but really excited at the same time about it finally being time to put all the training to use. I’m trying to not get too worried about the time I finish in and just head out to enjoy it. I’ve got my mantra for the day and I’m hoping it’s going to help me get round all 26 miles – “you don’t have to be quick, you just have to finish!”


Oli – @hikesnhalfmarathons


I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about London this weekend. On one hand I’m feeling pretty good, well rested and really ready to go out and smash it. On the other, it’s been nearly a month since I ran 23 miles, it feels like an eternity which makes me nervous, but I know I’ve put in the miles in the training and my goals are reasonable. I think anything could happen on the day, so I’m trying to be prepared for anything. So summing it up I’d say I’m feeling nervous but confident. 


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