The Coffee & Beans Book Club

During the first Lockdown in the UK I picked a few books in a vain attempt to escape the four walls we were interred inside. I devoured fiction, non fiction but more often than not they had something to do with running. I am a running addict what can I say!

So as the UK was entering it’s second lockdown I came up with the idea to start a running book club. Combining my love of the running community and running books to stay connected while our ties threatened to be cut once more. My last run before lockdown was with Charlie Watson aka The Runner Beans and so the Coffee and Beans Book Club (we didn’t come up with the name!) was born.

The first book was The Rise of the Ultra Runners by the brilliant Adharanand Finn. Adharanand is a freelance journalist, an editor at the Guardian and the author of award winning books; Running with the Kenyans, The Way of the Runner and The Rise of the Ultra Runners. The book charts his journey into ultramarathon running but also documents the popularity of the sport and the weird and wonderful people who inhabit it. We recorded a podcast with Adharanand on Charlie’s podcast where we asked questions from the book club readers and you can listen to it below.

December’s book is the epic story of Nick Butter’s world-wide running challenge as he ran 196 marathons in 196 countries. You can buy the book; Running the World via an online bookstore that financially supports local independent bookstores and gives back to the book community. If you have any questions for Nick you can post them in the comment section below or send me a message on social media.

Happy reading!

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